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Excuse me, are you Greek?

For those of you that answer the question with more than a simple "yes", then you're the ones we're looking for!

definitelyGREEK is a lifestyle and streetwear brand born out of the "Excuse Me Are You Greek?" blog. Our mission is to deliver the most stylish designs that speak on behalf of that Greek passion we all have inside us, while upholding the themes of community and tradition that bring us all together. Being Greek is more than just a label, its a lifestyle - and we believe you should be able to show off and express that lifestyle with unique and vibrant, Greek-inspired designs.

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"Excuse Me Are You Greek?" is a Greek blog, content and meme site, whose mission it is to provide entertainment and to promote and highlight prominent Greeks around the world. You can find content on:

  • Web: excusemeareyougreek.com
  • Instagram: @excusemeareyougreek
  • Facebook.com/excusemeareyougreek



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